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Doll identifications and estimations of value are carried out at the Annual Fair. The cost is $3 per item donated to the club’s nominated charity.

Visitors to our monthly meetings at Granville Town Hall may bring a doll for identification. Some club members have many years experience in identifying dolls and are happy to share their love of dolls with members of the public.

We receive a large number of requests for doll valuations, the club encourages people to do their own research online and at auction sites to satisfy themselves of current prices. Our club does not give written valuations.

Meetings (first Saturday of the month): Granville Town Hall, Carlton Street, Granville 2060
Post: PO Box 90, Pendle Hill NSW 2145

Kim: 0411 040 015 (Club President)
Ann: 02 9150 7059 (Fair enquiries)