The Doll Collectors Club of NSW holds occasional workshops instructing members in many doll-related crafts. Workshops are held at various times during the year. Some club members also kindly allow the use of their homes for mid week workshops, a lovely way to meet new friends and catch with old ones as well as learn a new craft.

Topics for recent workshops were Small Bear, Sewing Compendium, Beaded Bag, Doll Shoes, Small Bonnet, Embroidered Bag, Applique and Embroidered Wall Hanging, Crinoline Ladies Quilt, Fabric dolls costuming and emellishment, Patchwork and quilting.

Each year a weekend craft retreat is held where members can get together and enjoy 2 days of creative handcraft in a cheerful environment. The last few years it has been held at Merroo Christian Centre at Kurrajong, near Windsor.

Costs are reasonable in modern motel twin bedded ensuite type accommodation which is fully catered. Members and friends may join a tutored workshop or bring along a UFO to complete.