The Doll Collectors Club of NSW


General Meetings

The Doll Collectors Club of NSW Inc meets on the first Saturday of each month (excluding January), all members and visitors welcome.

Our next general meeting will be on Saturday March 3rd 2018 at the Granville Town Hall, Carlton Street, Granville, NSW at 1:30pm.

Join us for the annual Betty Viazim Crafts Competition and morning workshops - doors open at 9:30am for Members to bring their Competition entries and learn a new craft or bring along a handwork-in-progress.

As usual, all are welcome to meet and chat, visit the club library, buy and sell from the general trading table, and view the Craft display in the afternoon.

General Meeting Admission

$5.00 Adults | $1 Children | Visitors 2 visits Free Entry
(Includes Afternoon Tea and Lucky Door Ticket)


2018 Charity is the Luke Priddis Foundation

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