From time to time the club holds displays of members dolls. These have included The Rocks Toy Museum, The Powerhouse Museum, The Sydney Easter Show. These displays have included exhibitions by club members of their dolls set in scenes based on a theme. These themes have included "The Four Seasons", "Entertainment", "School Days" and "Nursery Rhymes".

The club has also presented "A Doll Spectacular" as part of the Women's Weekly Needlework, Art and Craft Fair at Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW Australia. Our theme for 2000 was "WINDOW TO THE WORLD" . The spectacular featured displays of dolls from all round the world, together with presentations of national costumes and artefacts. Members also demonstrated the various stages of doll making.

In recent years the Club is regularly represented with Guild Tables and displays at major Craft and Quilt Expo's in NSW. Members enjoy attending these events to promote the club and it's activities, sell raffles for the Club Charity Fund, field membership enquiries, and display their dolls.